Thank you for your interest in our Business Services division.  We can help you with your advertising in all types of media.  We can create and place radio advertising, television, newspaper, billboards and other media.  We also create posters, business cards and other print needs you may have.  We have had over 30 years experience in media and would like to help you with your advertising!  Give us a call for details.  Thank you!


Why Should You Advertise Your Business?

  • To attract first-time buyers to purchase
  • To inform or remind customers about the existence of your brand
  • To compel customers to purchase through ads 
  • To Keep customers happy and satisfied by increasing brand loyalty 
  • To keep the brand’s image strong 
  • To establish your business as the top-of-mind option among others in the market
  • To motivate existing customers to make repeat purchases


Call me and we can talk about it!  Office: 509-684-5356   Cellular:  509-570-8460

You can also reach Christa by email at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.